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I think my collection is complete, for now, but she’s still working on new projects, so I’ll be paying attention to what might come next. She thinks I’m probably the only Architect who reads her books, “there’s too many words.”  Check out her web site. Check out Hall of Femmes, and their series of books on women designers.  There’s a waiting list for seats for a panel discussion at Sea Ranch on October 21.


Each copy of Super-Silly-Us is bound with 11 tiny nuts and bolts, so I had to go to the hardware store: Fredrickson’s on Fillmore.  I had to count out 132 tiny nuts and bolts.

Mission accomplished

Tomorrow, Chapter 5

Bobbie said “I’ll call Lyft, let’s go to Kinko’s”.  And away we went!

Bobbie pulled out the original artwork:

Jane printed then:

And I collated:

Tomorrow, Chapter 4

Ever since our trip to Sea Ranch, I’ve been searching for and finding copies of Barbara Stauffacher Solomon’s books, mostly from bookstores, until I discovered her web site, and ordered one that I was missing.  She called to tell me it was out of stock, that she hadn’t had a chance to get more printed.  I was so thrilled to get a call from her, that I blurted out that Jane and I would be in San Francisco in August and maybe we could help her get more printed.  She loved the idea!

In August, we found ourselves in her living room!  Oh, the stories she has to tell!

Tomorrow, Chapter 3



Once upon a time, Jane and I took a trip to Sea Ranch , rented Charles Moore’s famous condo for two nights:

and discovered the supergraphics at the swim club:

We eventually found out that the designer of the original supergraphics, and responsible for inventing supergraphics, or at least pioneering their use, was Barbara Stauffacher Solomon.  That’s her Sea Ranch Ram logo in the first photo.  As soon as I posted photos of her work at Sea Ranch, she found it and posted a link to my post on her web site!

Come back tomorrow for the next chapter