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Once upon a time, I took a picture that’s a bit abstract, of a famous building, and a few years later I posted it here on Sanslartigue.  Quite a few of you liked it!


Several weeks ago, The Architectural Review, a very well known British Architecture magazine, asked if they could use it for an article in their December issue.  They were thinking about a full page.  I was stunned.  I said of course!

On Thanksgiving Day, I found the online version of the December issue.  I saw my photo, and my by-line.  I cried.  There was a brief, free, opportunity to see the issue on line, but that period ended soon after I found it.

Today, I found the online version of the article.

While I wait for hard copies of the magazine to cross the pond, I’ve taken another look at Institut du Monde Arabe by Jean Nouvel, and will be posting more views in the coming week.

My heartfelt thanks to The Architectural Review for finding me, and thanks to all of you for following me for the past 4 years.  What a trip!