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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn addition to the Oregon State Hospital Memorial that has been the subject of the last several posts here, you might be interested in some other links.

The Cuckoo’s Nest has been replaced, but the stories remain.  And the cremains of several thousand patients still need to be claimed.  David Maisel produced a beautiful set of images of the canisters.

Along the way I connected with two bloggers who have left an incredible impression on me.  Through Peach Farm Studio I met Cheryl Itamura.  I even got to meet her in person this summer during our California trip!  A pure delight.  I was so moved by her poem “signs”, I bought a print two years ago.  Her inspiration for the poem was Jon Crispin, and his project to document the suitcases of patients at Willard Psychiatric Center.  By contributing to his recent Kickstarter campaign, I now have three of his gorgeous photos to go with the poem!

As a bit of justification I can let you know that the hospital where I was born was actually right across the street from the Oregon State Hospital, and I graduated from the same High School and University as Ken Kesey!

The Oregon State Hospital Replacement Project, which I have had the honor of being a small part of for the past six years, is starting to wind down, with the Junction City project to be completed the end of this year.  But don’t worry, this isn’t the end of Salem or Junction City photos!  And the camera will again go back to being silent.

Thanks for all your support!  WordPress notified me yesterday that it was my 1000th post.  And they also tell me that I have nearly 1000 followers.  I suspect some of that 1000 have wandered off, but those of you still here have exceeded my wildest imagination when I started Sanslartigue 3 years ago! Thank you.